Supported Data Sources

BLR Rosetta connects to a wide variety of data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Excel, and text files. In addition to industry standard database systems, BLR Rosetta can also connect to data through web services and even data that resides in proprietary database systems.

SQL Server and Oracle. Connect BLR Rosetta to the powerful database servers that run your business. Select individual tables and fields or use SQL to design pools of data for users to query.

Microsoft Access and Excel. Access and Excel are popular desktop database solutions that are fully supported by BLR Rosetta.

Text files. Text files containing values separated by commas (CSV files) can also be attached to BLR Rosetta.

Web services. BLR Rosetta can connect to data through the web if there are web services available that provide query capabilities.

Proprietary data sources. Like web services, if there is a method of performing searches against the underlying data, BLR Rosetta can also connect to proprietary data sources.