Data Security

BLR Rosetta places the highest priority on the security of your data. You always remain in complete control over who can access your data, where your data is stored, and how your data is used.

Your data stays in your database. BLR Rosetta never uses local copies, cache files, or temporary files for your data. Keep your data behind your corporate firewall to avoid the security pitfalls of the Internet.

Read-only access to your data. BLR Rosetta is a read-only solution that cannot modify or delete your valuable data.

Assign security levels to your data. Configure strict security levels, even down to the individual data field level, so that users only see the data that they are supposed to see.

Use Windows authentication or login credentials. When you connect corporate data assets to BLR Rosetta, you have the option of using either Windows authentication or user credentials assigned by your DBA.