Who are we?

We are BLR Digital, a software company that creates powerful, innovative business intelligence tools to query and visualize your data.

BLR Digital was founded on the premise that a world so rich in data needs flexible, easy-to-use tools to make sense out of that data.

We specialize in designing and building powerful data solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional data analysis tools.

What do we do?

Our flagship software solution, BLR Rosetta, can connect, query, and visualize data across your entire organization.

BLR Rosetta provides a robust suite of query tools, maps, graphs, pivot tables, and reports to build valuable insights into your data.

We connect data from single or multiple databases, on local networks or across the Internet, and for all major data formats, including SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and Excel.

Why choose us?

Because you have data that is difficult to access, analyze, and understand.

Because you need interactive, robust tools to query and analyze your data.

Because you want to work with data across multiple databases.

Because you require a solution that is cost-effective, easy-to-use, and powerful.

Because we can help.