How Does It Work?

BLR Rosetta's unique architecture can handle the demands of a single user, a department, or an entire company. BLR Rosetta can also be licensed as a frontend to your commercial data set, providing a robust and feature-rich application for your customers to query and visualize your data.

Here are the three ways that BLR Rosetta can work in your organization:

Standalone license. Install the software on your computer and connect to multiple databases. Standalone users have complete control over database connections, application settings, and queries.

Company license. Manage multiple users and assign database connections, application settings, and user permissions from a central repository. Individual users can create queries and build visualizations, but they are not exposed to the complications of database connectivity. Optionally customize BLR Rosetta with company-specific branding, links, and workflow.

Application license. Use BLR Rosetta to create a custom application on top of your commmercial data set. Customize graphics, options, capabilities, and branding to create a unique software portal for your data. Quickly get your data set to market and minimize the time, costs, and risks that are inherent when building a software package from scratch.