Visualizing Your Data

BLR Rosetta provides a wide range of tools to visualize and analyze your data. These visualization tools, called plugins, provide extensive capabilities for sorting, organizing, comparing, and understanding your data. For each query, you can add as many different plugins as you need. For example, if you are analyzing sales data, you might want to see your sales on a map, sales grouped by customer on a bar chart, a pie chart that breaks down sales by part number, and a grid that subtotals sales by salesman and sales region.

Add multiple plugins. Click the Add tab and choose from the menu of plugins. Plugins are organized in a tab across the top of the screen. Create as many different plugins as you need to analyze your data.

Configure plugin settings. Each plugin has numerous options for configuring data layouts, colors, titles, and other settings. Plugin settings are automatically saved with the query.

Synchronize plugins with query. Change the filters for your query and all associated plugins will automatically update. Your data plugins are always synchronized with your query.

Multiple monitor support. Tear plugin tabs loose to create floating windows. Drag plugin windows to different monitors for easy side-by-side comparison.