Drilldown Trees

Drilldown trees offer a convenient way to organize your data into hierarchies. You can select the data columns to view in the tree and assign their location in the tree hierarchy. For example, you might want to see your expense report data with a hierarchy of department name, employee name, and expense line item. Drilldown trees also provide a powerful way to link and drill down into related data sets.

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View data as a hierarchy. Organize your data into a tree structure with expandable branches. Assign your own hierarchy levels to your data. Collapse and expand branches to customize level of detail.

Sum tree data in a branch. Click a branch in a tree and sum together data for the records under the branch. Create custom summary logic for each level in your tree.

Link related data sets. Associate related data sets to a tree click. Populate maps, graphs, charts, and other plugins using the currently-selected item in the drilldown tree. Model complex one-to-many relationships with a simple tree click.